Trend-ish. Icon of November: Ashley Greene

Who is the cutest vampire girl from the Twilight Saga? Alice!  Don't you love the unique/short hair, the European air in her style and that bubbly personality.  Ashley Greene is not only a fashion girl in the big screen, but in real life too.  Her style in real life is more of a chic/classy/rocker girl.  I think she is so versatile and really knows how to play with her hair and image.

She is the new ambassador for the brand: Mark. and has been in their campaign for the whole year.  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be in theaters this month and we'll see a lot from Ashley everywhere for the next weeks, let's pay attention to her style!


[ images via GoogeImages ]

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  1. I think she's so beautiful too - love her in that striped sweater..

  2. I love her nose it's perfect¡


  3. I love her because she can be so glamourous, but then dress so casual and look great both ways!

  4. Oh wow she is gorgeous...I love her look in the jeans and boots...effortless!

  5. Love her style! And she's gorgeous too!

  6. she is gorgeous! i didn't know, but that's probably cause i tried to watch the 1st twilight movie, & got bored before it ended. i read all the books though. on monday my friend was saying she wanted to go see breaking dawn. i said, you can go ahead & see that with someone else, meaning not me. ;)

  7. She's beautiful and trendy, indeed!

    -Alyssa from The BF Mashup

  8. She is definitely beautiful! I've not watched any of the twilight movies but I do like her style! She is frequently spotted in In Style magazine!

  9. love the Black and White photo! :D



  10. Such a great style icon...thanks for sharing.

    Stay Beautiful,

  11. I love her beauty and style- exotic face, great hair and eyes, classic makeup, and great style. I dont know how to describe it but maybe pretty, feminine, and sexy. A bit edgy. I like that Audrey Hepburn is her style icon (although she's EVERYONE'S style icon so it's a bit boring now to say that).



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