My Glam: June Box

This is the first month I only receive My Glam, since I cancelled my subscription with Birchbox on May.  As always, the box was AMAZING!  Sample sizes?  BIG!  I actually think some of them are regular size.  Everything in this box works for me: semi-permanent eye-liner, pink lipstick & frizz control cream?  I think that's screaming out loud my name.  

Here's a review of  every single piece...
 [ Let's start with the cosmetic bag... way too pretty!  
The theme this month was "Out All Night" ]

[ This intense black eye-liner is so easy to apply it's ridiculous. I tried it some days ago and it really stays on all night. I only noticed that it may stain the upper part of your eye while it is still wet, so wait 'til it completely dries before opening your eyes. ]

 [ This rose tone lipstick is very smooth and gives a shine to your lips that's perfect for summer.  The color is named Georgia. ]

 [ I really don't know if it's my new conditioner: Renewing Maroccan Organ Oil, or is this frizz control cream, but my hair is very shiny and manageable lately.  The smell is refreshing and clean. ]

[ The cream is very nice and as it says in the package, looks like really works against pollution and sun burn. ]

What's your opinon about this box?
What did you receive?



Guest Post: Italian Blog - FollementeFashion

 Today I'm sharing a guest post from Eleonora.  She is an Italian fashion blogger with a cute sense of style and a sweet personality.  Enjoy and make sure to visit her site!


What's style? Well, I don't know it really well. Style's everywhere and in everything. A lot of people think that's a game, but for me it's a way of life, a way through which I see (I interpret) beauty, friends, work and free time. Why I am telling it to you? Because being a fashion blogger let you talk and express yourself by means of fashion. Yes, I've a blog, and I'm really thankful to Teresa that gave me the opportunity to talk about what I think fashion is, in her blog.
FollementeFashion is the way I see fashion and how I interpret it.

So, get down to the nitty-gritty.

When we look at a beautiful lady like her, with a beautiful dress like the one she wears, we feel immediately sick with envy (and obviously want a dress like hers, a lipstick like hers and, why not?, to smile like her).

Now, the little problem is that she's wearing Versace in this photo (a really gorgeous black velvet bustier dress, with a very high slit that shows Angelina's sexy legs), and only a small part of us has money enough to buy a gorgeous Versace dress like this (if you can, you're really lucky!). So,  my aim is to help you finding another dress like this, but less expensive (your wallet will be  very thankful). An example? This  black bustier dress, or this other with sparkling details: you save money without giving up :D

In FollementeFashion you can also find updates from the most important fashion shows or from fashion magazines, ideas for the new season, and shopping lists.

This summer our hair is the protagonist: braided, messy, and crazy (I love this kind of hairstyles :D)

I'll teach you how to DIY (from shorts, to knitted snoods -really simply-)

Or you can even find me with my outfits, from which I hope you'll find inspiration for your clothes.

(And don't worry if I write in Italian: there is always an English translation for you all! :D)

Thanks a lot, Teresa.
Kisses for everyone.



50 Shades of GRAY?

Gotcha! I'm not talking about the latest obsession of almost every single women in America: The #1 New York Times Best Seller "50 Shades of Grey".  Have you read it?  

This post is about the amount of gray tones you can actually use on your nails.  I love how gray nail polishes look and I'm obsessed with this new color. It can be confused with purple sometimes, but I'm sure it's base is gray.  The name is Greyt Expectations and it's from the long-lasting/affordable line of L'ORÉAL Nail Color.

How many times i've used gray nail polish?
4. 50 Shades of GRAY (today's post)

Laters, baby!



Outfit: Social Summer

This weekend was my Masters graduation (pictures at the end of this post).  Of course I had to celebrate!  I went to a nice place in Ocean Park, San Juan named Mango's with my boyfriend and some close friends.  We had a great time and we toasted for e-very-thing... literally!

My outfit was a last hour pick from Forever 21.  My mom chose the shorts and I chose the lace top.  I think the combination turned out very summer-appropiate (it is so hot here!).  It was so comfortable and easy to combine.  I'm not a lipstick girl, but this time I gave it a shot to a red one named Rouge from Sephora CollectionSorry about the indoor/non-pro pictures!


Top and shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: T.J.Maxx
Necklace: VeriGaona Boutique
Horn ring: Forever 21
Tiny golden ring and bracelets: my mom's
 Lipstick: Sephora




Classic shoes for the summertime

In the modern world fashions change very quickly and styles come and go extremely rapidly. It feels like you buy one item and it’s out of fashion by the time you get it home. On the other hand, footwear seems to be more resilient to the changing fashion tides with many styles remaining, stylish and iconic throughout the decades.

Here’s a run down of summer shoes that have stood the test of time and trodden the fashion path decade after decade: 

Flip flops 
Those in the know are well aware of just how cool and versatile a pair of flip flops can be. Wear them at the beach, around town or to the hippest cocktail bar in town. They’re perfect for those who like the freedom of something that’s both comfortable to walk in and great for turning heads when paired with a miniskirt, a maxi dress or a pair of hot pants. If there’s one essential piece of footwear to sum up summer style, flip flops would be it.

Wedge heels
For a look that’s edgy, modern, and classic go for a pair of wedge heels. Glamorous whatever the occasion, they look great with anything from long dresses to skinny jeans. There are several styles available, from floral patterns to blue plastic and traditional leather, you’re sure to find something that’s a welcome addition to your wardrobe and able to turn even your most worn outfits into something that feels fresh and new. 
Ballet shoes
Ballet shoes and plimsolls have remained a firm fixture with fashion houses for the last five years. They are great for dressing down an evening outfit for the daytime.

Ballet shoes are equally good at putting the finishing touches to an outfit that feels like it needs spicing up. The best thing about ballet shoes is that they’re inexpensive, meaning that you can purchase a few different pairs and experiment with a variety of colours.  

Mules have experienced something of a renaissance in the last few years. Often overlooked, a pair of mules can switch a daytime dress into party mode in no time at all. With clean lines and elegant styling, mules can help you get a classic French Riviera look in an instant.  

[ image via Littlewoods.com ]

 Ps. How was your weekend?
Mine was full of new experiences and fun!
I will show you some photos during this week.



DIY: Transform your shorts!

  Once upon a time, there was a random summer Sunday in which I found myself with free time to do whatever I wanted.  I felt the need to bring out my creativity, as I used to do when I was little and had no responsibilities.  That's when I looked inside my closet in search of an ugly item to transform into a hot summer trend.  And there it was... a pair of not-so-high-waist denim shorts from Forever 21 that needed a fun injection.  Let's tie dye and rip the hell out of them!

Original Shorts:

1. Put them on and make a line where you want to cut them:

2. Start cutting until you are satisfied.  
Keep trying them on, so you are sure of the limits:

3.  Take the tweezers and pull the little white threads, each one of them.  
Don't rip them, just pull as much as you can:

4. Put your gloves on.  Mix water and bleach inside the big bowl.
Place the bottom of the shorts inside and wait.
After 10 minutes, turn them over and wait 10 more minutes:

5. Hang them in the sun for 1 hour and they'll become even more bleached:

6. Throw them in the washing machine, dry them and they'll be ready to use!  You can add some studs to one of the back pockets.  I'll show you later how to!


Trend-ish. TV: Summer Sailor

Finally, here's the first video-editorial for Trend-ish.!  Remember the Making of?  

The theme is sailor/navy trend.  It's all about stripes, rope material and casual outfits with blue and red.  This time I'm giving you some tips to rock this trend and look chic the whole summer!  Special thanks to everybody that made this possible (credits below).

 [ press on the photo below to watch the video ]

 Style: Teresa Cuevas
Design: Viral Inc.
Model: Coral Carro
Make up: Teresa & Coral 
Production: Predator
Post production: Predator
Clothing: Le Menina Boutique 

Thanks for watching.

Hope you guys liked it! 
Let me know if you want to see more videos like this!



Review: May Birchbox vs My Glam

Second and last battle.  Why?  Because I cancelled Birchbox.  Yeap, I did.  The last two boxes didn't impressed me that much and I prefer My Glam.  I also realized I was spending $20 each month for sample boxes = $240 per year = Michael Kors tote.  Ha!  Got me?  Here's the last battle and Is pretty obvious who won it...

My Glam
[ What's the deal with the Birchbox Gossip Girl promo?  I bet that for those who like these series, the box was heaven-ish this month, but what does that have to do with the products inside?  I don't watch it, so I don't get it.  The My Glam make-up bag was cute. ]

My Glam
[ I like the detailed description from Birchbox, but I think that My Glam is easier to read. ]

My Glam
[ I hate when the boxes bring perfume samples, but putting that aside, the stuff inside My Glam's box instantly caught my attention! See below an Instagram shot of the Nail Bling. ]

My Glam
 [ My eyes are the main focus when I put make-up on. Eye-liner and mascara are my favorite parts and I love to try new colors and shapes.  That's why I was more excited about the Birchbox highlight.  On the other hand, the My Glam Redwood lipstick is GORGEOUS  and good quality, so let's say this is a tie. See picture below of how they both look. ]

My Glam
[ Birchbox: Hair conditioner and face cream (almost empty bottles).
My Glam: Concealer brush and eye-liner brush. 
You know what I think, right?  ME = eye-make-up-girl.  ;) ]

 Now I want to know your opinion!
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