New York, New York !

I was born in this fashion/fun/eccentric/alive city... New York.  But I live in Puerto Rico since very little.  Last December I went to visit the city that watched me open my eyes for the first time and I enjoyed all of the magic in it.  Puerto Rico is a warm and tropical island in the Caribbean, so the cold weather and all of the extra clothing it involves was such a new experience [in the fashion aspect] for me.  Today I'm remembering those moments, so I want to share some of my fave pictures from that trip.

what a view!

first day & i'm sooo ready
that Victoria's Secret sweater felt so cozy on that cold weather

w/ my fave band @ Madame Tussauds Museum.. sorry Ringo :(

 a red coat never goes wrong on Christmas time<3
i could build a house here.. Times Square!!!!!

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  1. That's so crazy. I moved from Hawaii to Oregon when I was young but haven't since made any huge move (I stayed super close for college) . I can't even imagine making a move that big.

    Love the pictures :D

  2. Hello!

    Great pictures! I want to visit New York some day..:) I am preparing for a big move myself as well this summer, from Greece to Switzerland and I have mixed feelings..

    I have become your follower on both Google and Bloglovin:)

    I would really appreciate it if you visited and followed my blog as well:)

    Thank you in advance!

    Stories and Sequins

  3. You look beautiful in all these pics doll.. Love your outfits and the pics are amazing. Thx for sharing gorgeous


  4. Love the orange hat and that read jacket. So chic!

  5. WOW GREAT!!

    NEW YORK:*

    I wish I could be there :D

  6. I love this Post, New York is the best! You look great in your Winter Red ;).



  7. You look beautiful in red! I think red is your color. Thanks for your sweet comment! xx Joice

  8. Oh, I miss new york!! got engaged there, so many wonderful memories....

    you look very pretty, love your blog, stop by mine some time:)


  9. Love ALL your photos!! It makes me miss new york so much :(


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