Halloween-ish Nails

Of course... they have to be black!  I may have to clear out that I don't use black nails only in Halloween, I think there's something chic and trendy about black nails, they're not only scary or Halloween-ishAnyway, today is the perfect day to wear them and  this time I tried a new nail polish that my best friend recommended: Sinful Colors.  The price was insane, only $1.99!!!  I trusted her when she told me: "hey I have a few of those and they are great!"  Well, you know what?  She was right.  It dried out so quickly and seems like it's gonna be long-lasting.  Just so you keep in mind that expensive stuff are not necessary good quality and some cheap items are not necessary bad. 

Have you bought some cheap article that has resulted 
into a very good item?  Name it!

love,  Teresa  


NYC: Day 3

This was the last day from the trip and it was spent hanging around the World Trade Center Memorial and Wall Street.  We had the opportunity to see the strike area for the Occupy Wall Street.  People from all ages were camping there and it was really impressing and interesting!  

There's really nothing special about the outfit, that day I just wanted to feel comfortable and simple (not to mention the hangover from the night before).  I  wore a stripy long sleeve top from Zara with my fave jeans cause the day was going to be really long having a flight at 11:00 pm back to Puerto Rico.
[ subway station ]
 [ my boyfriend ]

[ most comfortable boots in the whole world!!! ]

 [ Wall Street strike ]

[ the bull ]

[ I was born @ the Albert Einstein Hospital ]

[ the view from the apartment ]

[ Grand Central Station ]
So this was the end of this last-minute-fun-exhausting-mini-vacation.
See you later New York, I'll miss you!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


NYC: Day 2

Ahh New York... the smell, the noice, the vibe... everything is so particulary unique.
On the second day of the NY weekend adventure,  we went shopping at day and party at night.  We don't have an H&M store at my country, so I finally went to the one located in Broadway, Manhattan and fell in love with it.  They have a variety of clothing/accessories and everything is so price-friendly! 

[ live jazz @ the streets ]

At night...
I know, I know... I was supposed to wear [ this ] outfit, but the weather and tiredness won't let me.  The top, bag and tights were okay, but the blazer and shoes: gone.  Instead of the blazer I wore the heavy-leather jacket, for a windy 51° and instead of the wedge booties I had to wear the flat ones.   
Tip: it is better to party warm and comfortable.
  [ dinner ]

  [ with our friends from Washington DC ]

   [ somewhere down there ]

We ended the night at West Village.  There were a lot of pubs with live music and many good restaurants in that area.  People say East Village is very similar, so we'll definitely go next time.


NYC: Day 1

One of the things I like most about NY is that nobody cares about what you are wearing or what you're doing.  People just walks in their own world and you don't have to worry if some coffee fell on your white top, if the pants broke or you just lost your mind in the morning putting together some crazy outfit. Day #1 was all about walking around at Central Park and having pizza at Times Square.  The whole day I wore a lose hair bun (like the ones I wear to clean my house) and no makeup.  Nobody looked at me like some weirdo (like it could possible happen where I live).  I was so tired from the rush of the flight the day before, I didn't wanted to fix my hair or really care, I just wanted to be there and enjoy the city.  

[ central park ]

 [ he proposed marriage to her and she said YES! ]

[ times square ]
  [ vintage heaven, i want all of those ]

This is what I wore at night for a couple of drinks:


Back from THE CITY !

Hi lovelies! 
I came back from New York City yesterday and I'm having a post-travel depression (I always do when I return from vacations).  But I'm back with TONS of pictures, so I'll be posting a photo diary for the next days.  There was nothing relaxing about this vacation trip.  I'm exhausted after waking up in the morning to take the subway, go shopping and do tourist stuff.. walking & walking & walking.  After all of that there was no time to sleep, at night we went to have dinner and then party 'til 3:00am or 4:00am.. the whole weekend.  You just got to follow the main rule in NYC: the city never sleeps or stops, so you can't either.  For now I'm just sharing with you a preview:

How was your weekend?


Inspiration: Night out at N.Y.C.

Night out at N.Y.C. by trend-ish featuring vintage style handbag

This is what I'm planning to wear next Saturday night at New York.  Yeah, you guess it.. I'm going partying!!!  Next week I'll be posting a comparison of this inspiration and the actual outfit I packed, so you can see how close I was to find almost the same pieces!  I hope I can be able to use those thin tights with a possible 50° temperature.  If not, I've also packed my warm leggins.  I'm heading tonight to the city, so I guess I won't be able to do new posts or reply any comment for the weekend.  Good newsExpect great pictures and outfit posts next week!  

Sweet kisses to all,


Think about this...

"Why do we let the one thing we don't have affect how we feel about all the things we DO have?"
- Carrie Bradshaw

[ Image via Tumblr ]


Every Girl Has a Dream Bag

My life changed last week when I saw the bag of my dreams.  I was curious about the Michael Kors bags for a long time, so I decided to surf his webpage... big mistake!  The bag of my dreams showed up in the screen and since then, no other bag is good enough.  Let's call it the crave of the year, even stronger than [ this one ].  What do I like most about it?  the color, the shape and the belts are so unique. The worst part was seeing the price, same cost of a possible weekend-vacation next year: $448.00 and it was on top of a $158.00 bag.  Why do I always like the most expensive things???

Then I though:  Maybe TJMaxx!?  So I went and saw a gorgeous one from MK, but not that one.  I felt like Beckie from Confessions of a Shopaholic,  an inexplicable force was pushing me to buy that other bag... the smell, the shape, it fitted me so well, half-priced... Then I thought:  when you travel, most of the time, you don't care of how much you spend, right?   Well, I'll be at  NYC = 7th Ave in a couple of days.  Must be MK paradise!  Maybe Chinatown is a better idea?  I haven't buy anything yet, but wish me luck cause I don't want to feel regret when I come back from that little trip!

Some other styles I love from Michael Kors

Do you have a dream bag?
Tell me about it!


DIY: Rock That T-shirt

 I bought this black t-shirt last Christmas at NYC.  It was starting to deteriorate after a few uses [ take a look at the heart ].  So just before I realized it could be trash, I decided to make a trashy-top-look with it.  So if any tee in your closet starts to look like trash-material, think twice and get creative before getting rid of it!

You'll only need:
a useless tee and some scissors

 1. cut similar stripes all around the bottom of the tee
2. cut the sleeves and the neck
3. use the front and back part of the neck's seam to make two stripes
4. make two bows at the top of the sleeves with those stripes

& voila!
leave one shoulder out and ready to rock !

How was your weekend?!


Another Week Behind

This week was so exciting for me.  Really focusing on my dreams is leading me to new experiences and new projects.  I'll be working with a well-known fashion magazine at Puerto Rico named Egomoda as a writer/journalist intern.  This is exactly what I want to do and I think this blog is the best evidence I own to show I'm really passionate about it.
Countdown for NYC: 6 days!


cat-eye sunglasses.
[ www.gojane.com ]


Rea from Surf Addict Fashionista was
@ Paris and all of her outfits were outstanding!

Inna's comment for [ this post ] made me realize I'm not the only one
who struggles when it comes to wear clothing for the first time.

skippysays said... 
Yay! I totally agree!! I was going to say that same thing before I finished reading your post when you said you couldn't find an occasion to wear it. I love dressing up on normal days to make them feel more special. The dress looks lovely on you, and I love those shoes too!

Bruno's new song!<3

Have a great weekend,


Review: L'OREAL Products

 Since I'm such a big fan of the L'OREAL Sublime Mouse [ reviewed here ],  I wanted to try a few more products to see if I can marry the brand, like I did with Fructis.  Last weekend I bought two things that I needed: a new powder and a good eye-cream.  Yeah, yeah I know that I'm only 25, but my mom always says that when it comes to face wrinkles it is better to prevent than to repair, so take note!

This powder really covers imperfections and is so natural.  Face feels and seems soft and even.  The package is really unique, but may be kinda difficult to use for some people.

 With only 4 days of use, I've already seen a difference in my eyes.  They seem more alive and bright!  The tube is easy to carry on your purse or for traveling... two in one!  Sun protection at day and skin repair while you sleep... just perfect!  The only negative fact could be that the package cheats because the cream tube is pretty small.

Do I marry the brand?
hair permanent color
powder foundation
eye cream
Hmmm... i think so!
01 09 10